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The British giant vending machine was born

Jan 19, 2019

Now many vending machines are selling drinks, snacks, coffee, and so on commodity, but does anyone seen can sell eggs, dog food, washing powder and so on daily necessities? In Britain, there is such a giant vending machine all kinds of goods.
According to the related media reports, in the UK the Derbyshire Clifton village in 14 years to the grocery store, so people want to buy daily necessities to several kilometers outside the town. Age fox has 50 engineers to help people solve the inconvenience on this some life, spent two and a half years of time to develop a giant vending machine. Vending machine will soon be put into the village, the inside of the goods from the bread, eggs, and pet food to washing powder, umbrellas, etc., variety is complete.
It is understood that the appearance of this vending machine is very special, positive is by red brick, the top is equipped with a canopy of green and white, country strong taste, at the same time there are surveillance cameras also anti-theft alarm. Fox said that many years ago was already contacted many manufacturers, and hope they helped develop a giant vending machines, none of the vending machine manufacturers are willing to, so he had to design the vending machine on their own.
Ordinary vending machine, he said, because many design problems, can't supply a variety of products at the same time, he developed a cargo with a small basket method, this method can prevent glass bottle, and some hard item drops, appears to be damaged. Sale of goods is very cheap, one of the umbrella is priced at 2.5 pounds (about 25.65 yuan), available cash or credit card payment.
It is reported that fox would patent for the vending machine. He has built up website, so that people can be on site to check the goods inventories. He will also this vending machine in the other place, serving the people.